Branded merchandise management

Harlequin provides a solution that makes the procurement process and management of branded merchandise easy.

Branded merchandise management

When purchasing branded merchandise, are you one of the many organisations still working to a manual process that is time consuming and ineffective?

Whilst working closely with many organisations, we identified a need to streamline their ordering and management of branded merchandise. Harlequin provides a solution that makes the procurement process and management of branded merchandise easy.


Is your organisation suffering with any of these issues?

Branded merchandise management

Harlequin have the solution

Branded merchandise management system from Harlequin

How it works


You supply your logo & brand guidelines


We build & customise the portal to your brand colours and guidelines


You confirm what products and permissions you would like on the portal


We set up and populate the products in your desired layout with cost centres, permissions & parameters

Absolute game changer for Focus Group!

During a critical expansion phase at Focus Group, managing the wide range of branded workwear became a huge challenge. Harlequin provided us with a solution that transformed our procurement process. Their online portal served as a centralised platform, simplifying every aspect of ordering branded workwear and merchandise, making the entire process hassle-free.

Using the portal, we have optimised efficiency with the ability to cross charge across different departments in the organisation. We now track and manage spending with minimal effort.

In conclusion, Harlequin played a pivotal role in facilitating our growth phase by offering an intuitive and efficient procurement solution. We look forward to working together as we continue our journey.

Ellie McCurdy

Ellie McCurdy
Focus Group

Frequently asked questions about our merchandise management system

No, there is no contract, we hope you will be sohappy with our service that you won‘t want to end it.

No, there is not a requirement for this.

Yes, you can add and remove users and change permissions.

Yes this is possible.

This is unlimited. The first 10 users and 15 products are included in the initial set up.

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