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At Harlequin we specialise in delivering high-quality print marketing solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. From concept to execution, our experienced team works closely with you to design and produce print materials that effectively convey your brand message and drive results. Whether you’re looking to promote a new product, enhance brand awareness, or generate leads, we’re here to help you maximize the impact of your print marketing campaigns. Speak to us today to discuss any ideas you have, and we can help you make that a reality.

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Not sure about thickness or types of paper? No idea what you may need for your office, shop, club or organisation? No problem. You are welcome to visit us to see samples and be inspired or get in touch with the team today – we’d love to help.  

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Digital or litho printing?

Digital printing and litho printing are two common methods used for producing printed materials, each with distinct characteristics. Digital printing uses digital files to directly transfer ink onto paper, making it ideal for short print runs or quick turnarounds. On the other hand, litho printing involves a more traditional process of transferring ink from a plate onto a rubber blanket, then onto the printing surface. It is best suited for high-volume printing, and a wider range of paper options. However, litho printing typically involves higher setup costs and longer turnaround times compared to digital printing.

Business card or not?

Business cards remain a timeless tool for networking and professional communication, offering several merits in the digital age. Firstly, they serve as tangible reminders of a business or individual, providing crucial contact information in a compact format. A well-designed business card can convey professionalism, credibility, and attention to detail, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients.

Direct mail marketing

Printed direct mail remains an effective marketing strategy for acquiring customers due to its ability to deliver targeted and personalised messages directly to individuals’ letterboxes. Unlike digital advertising, which can easily get lost in the sea of online content or filtered out by ad blockers, direct mail stands out as a physical, tangible item that recipients can hold and interact with. This tactile experience often leads to higher engagement and retention rates.

Different types of binding

Printed brochures can be bound using various methods, each offering distinct advantages depending on the desired presentation and functionality. Saddle stitching is a popular and cost-effective binding method where folded sheets are stapled along the fold line. This method is suitable for brochures with a lower page count. Perfect binding involves applying a glue to the spine of the folded sheets, creating a flat edge. It’s ideal for thicker brochures and provides a professional appearance like paperback books. Spiral or wiro-o binding uses a plastic or metal coil threaded through punched holes along the edge of the pages, allowing the brochure to lay flat when opened and enabling easy flipping of pages. Each binding method offers unique benefits in terms of appearance, durability, and functionality.

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Harlequin is your complete solution for supplying and managing all your branded workwear, promotional items, signage and all your event and exhibition collateral. All under one hat.

Frequently asked questions about our branded workwear

No, our team of designers can help you put together your designs, even create you a logo and any branding elements you need.

Yes, we can mail your printed materials for you. We can even advise on the best postal service to get the most from your budget.

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Yes, we can use a full range of recycled papers. Even the laminations can be eco-friendly.

Yes, most definitely. We can walk you through ideas, best ways to print to get the most impact. We can even show you mock ups before the main print run goes ahead.

The today’s digital landscape print has seen a bit of a comeback due to its tangibility and also its credibility. We believe it should be considered as a part of any marketing campaign.

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